Pourquoi suis-je devenue photographe de mariage?

Who am I ?

Welcome !

Moi c’est Sophie, je vis à Toulouse. Je suis passionnée de musique et de photographie, évidemment.

I speak English and I am living my dream as a destination-wedding photographer, traveling the world to cover weddings. It has always been my biggest goal and what drives me to constantly surpass my expectations for myself and reach for what makes my heart sing.

Photography is, in my opinion, a way of capturing and immortalizing bursts of laughter, surprises, sulky looks from children and thousands of other little things that reflect life in those happiest moments. You now have a full preview of how I see wedding photography

I don’t just capture a photo of your face, but of the emotion that lies within, the light that emanates from you, to show you how beautiful you truly are. Sure you are! Even those of you who claim that they are not photogenic person!

Each adventure builds upon and shapes the next. Being a professional photographer of exceptional moments like these reflects what I would like to experience both in my personal and professional life.